asphalt blend station leading hot oil boiler

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THERMIC HOT OIL SYSTEM: Thermic oil heaters (boiler) of suitable capacity Kcal./Hr. circulated with auto temperature controls to maintain precise asphalt temperature. Hot oil circulation in asphalt pump, asphalt pipeline, asphalt weighing hopper and mixing

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Emission Factors for Greenhouse Gas Inventories

Asphalt and Road Oil 0.158 75.36 3.0 0.60 11.91 0.47 0.09 gallon Aviation Gasoline 0.120 69.25 3.0 0.60 8.31 0.36 0.07 gallon Assumption: 80% boiler efficiency and fuel type assumed natural gas. Factors are per mmBtu of steam or hot water purchased.

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Permit Boilerplate Procedures For HOT MIX ASPHALT PLANTS

Asphalt Procedures November 2012 Page 4 2Used oil containing more than 1,000 ppm total halogens is presumed to be a hazardous waste under the rebuttable presumption provided under 279.10(b)(1). Such used oil is subject to subpart H of part 266 of this

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